Septime Création is an independent web agency specialising in the development of high value-added online and offline applications

The expertise we offer our clients is largely based on close, hands-on observation of the latest digital environments. Messages and their platforms are constantly being renewed - in terms of usage, methods, appearance and techniques – and we therefore focus our attention on understanding and acquiring new skills. Constant monitoring of emerging challenges and seamless updating of techniques are Septime’s core business competencies and ones that we draw upon when managing our clients’ projects.

Our aim is to provide straightforward solutions. We seek to give messages and their content benchmark status and make them self-evident, reinforcing their power of attraction and creating long-term loyalty for online presence.

Hence, we believe no one programme can be duplicated for multiple clients; every project is bespoke. In our view, a digital strategy must be tailored to individual needs whilst complying with common standards. This subtle equation forms the basis of Septime’s ethos whereby all online differentiation originally stems from its clients’ offline fundamentals.


As an interactive, creative agency Septime is committed to developing technological solutions that meet the specific requirements of its clients, either for raising long-term institutional profiles or implementing marketing thrusts on a tight schedule.

Our employees provide the expertise needed to successfully roll out your multimedia projects.
Our areas of competency cover a complete range of development requirements, from conceptualisation through to completion.

Digital intelligence:

  • Audit, consultancy, transitional coaching
  • Technical implementation, completion and development, overall checking and testing
  • Training and follow-through

Engineering and implementation:

  • Website
  • E-commerce solution (Magento / Prestashop)
  • Web marketing tool
  • Events site
  • Advertgaming
  • Mediakit
  • 2D/3D animation
  • Management tool for modular content (CMS)
  • Mapping tool
  • Facebook application
  • 3D real-time online (Flash and Unity)
  • Sound interface
  • Smartphone and tablet applications (IOS and native Android)...
  • AdWords campaign
  • Organic search


Septime Création is run by Ulysse Lacombe, company founder and manager..

Head of multimedia production, he is also artistic director, thereby overseeing all content through the production stages.

After studying film and audiovisual media, graduating with an information and audiovisual degree and training for several years in art and the history of art, he was initially communications manager for the firm ADI, then worked for an agency as computer graphics designer before establishing his own agency in 2000.

Well-versed in project management, he has proven skills in managing complex projects for franchise companies and international brands: Renault, Ubisoft, SFR, Cipav (Multisectoral Pension Fund), Cavec (Chartered Accountant and External Auditors’ Pension Fund), Fondation du Patrimoine, Crédit Agricole (iOS and Android applications)…

The team

Septime Création : Web Agency – Designer/developer of rich media type content. The agency currently employs 15 people full time.


Project management
Jean-François TRICHARD

Graphic design and animation
Pierre Jean LAGARDE – Graphics and illustration
Michel NUFFER - Illustration
Frédéric MARTEL - 2D, 3D and videos

Claude Foulquier - 3D Design

Integration and development
Sylvère RIBREAU - PHP / FLEX / XML (engineer)
Manuel CARRIÉ - PHP / XHTML / CSS / ANDROID / IOS / WINDOWS (engineer)
Muriel BOUSQUET – Texts, translation and integration (Degree in languages, literature and foreign civilisation)
Karel FAILLE – AS3 / FLEX / PHP / UNITY / C# (Vocational degree in Internet/Extranet)
Guilhem GRÈZES – PHP / XHTML / ANDROID / IOS / WINDOWS (Vocational degree in Internet/Extranet + engineer)
Fabien FRAYSSINET - XHTML / JS / CSS / PHP (Vocational degree in Internet/Extranet)
Benjamin GERBIER - XHTML / JS / CSS / PHP (Vocational degree in Internet/Extranet)
Anthony LOPEZ - HTML 5 / CSS / PHP / JS (Bachelor Management + Vocational degree in Internet/Extranet)
Colin PEREMARTY - HTML 5 / CSS / PHP / JS (Apprentice engineer)

Septime Barcelona
Frédéric GALTIER - Desembolic
Tel. +34 687 301 326 - fgaltier@septime.net
Head of Septime's Barcelona office for the Spanish market


Since its launch 13 years ago, Septime Création has worked on over 400 multimedia projects, some of which have won national and international accolades (including 2 FWA Awards)

Since May 2005, Septime has received two FWA and is recognised by its peers within the international community of developers of high value-added multimedia products. With over 14 awards for graphics, countless reports in the national press and one article in the international edition of Taschen 'Web Design Flash Sites 2006 & 2007' which lists the world's 200 best productions every year, Septime has a proven track record for excellence and expertise for rolling out your projects.

  • The FWA – www.lacoste.com/rene_lacoste - award site of the day - 24 September 2010
  • 5èmes Trophées de l'Economie Numérique : www.lookzippy.com Trophée Coup de Coeur - March 2007
  • WIF - Web Design international Festival - Portfolio category - 2006
  • The design taxi - award site of the day - 23 June 2005
  • The FWA – septime.net award site of the day - 19 June 2005
  • The Res 72 - award site of the month - May 2005
  • The Internet Tiny Awards - 28 April 2005




Far Cry 4

Ubisoft Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4
The official website of the Ubisoft game Farcry 4. Go on a voyage of discovery to KYRAT. Our mission: website design and integration.

Trials Fusion

Ubisoft Trials Fusion
Trials Fusion
Design of the Trials portal using a highly elaborate, offbeat graphic environment. Our mission: website design and integration.

AMDOCS : Cookbook

AMDOCS : Cookbook
AMDOCS : Cookbook
Express your cooking talents and skills as a Big DATA computer analyst using the online application ‘A taste of charging data’, an interactive experience available for desktops and tablets

Partenariat Fondation TOTAL - Fondation du patrimoine

Partenariat Fondation TOTAL - Fondation du patrimoine
Partenariat Fondation TOTAL - Fondation du patrimoine
The Total Corporate Foundation and the Heritage Foundation support restoration of industrial and craft heritage and help regenerate regional heritage. Our mission: website strategy, design and integration.


Interactive popup book, presenting the Amdocs' powerful monetization solutions to Communication service providers and the OTT providers.

Uplay Avatars 2012

Ubisoft Uplay Avatars 2012
Uplay Avatars 2012
New version of the Avatar creation module for the Ubisoft Uplay gaming community. By using Unity technology, your 3D avatars are now 'alive'. An increasing number of customisation options are available.

Fondation du Patrimoine

Fondation du Patrimoine
Fondation du Patrimoine
Produced in 2010, the Fondation du Patrimoine portal continues to improve: a highlighted diary, a new newsletter and QR codes linked to restoration project sheets underscore our long-term commitment to ensuring our clients' internet projects are a success.


Pension fund for ministerial and public officials and legal corporations. The website presents the fund and the way it works. It allows users to access contribution simulations and guides its members through administrative procedures.

Rêve de Chateaux

Rêve de Chateaux
Rêve de Chateaux
Rêve de Châteaux is more than just a directory of châteaux for rent - it aims to bridge the gap between owners of outstanding properties and holidaymakers looking for sites steeped in history.

Assassin's Network 2012

Ubisoft Assassin's Network 2012
Assassin's Network 2012
Production of the game to web portal Assassin's Network for the third consecutive year. Visualise In Game statistics in real time on the portal, create your clan, programme your gaming sessions by team and many other features.

Vie de René Lacoste

Lacoste Vie de René Lacoste
Vie de René Lacoste
Interactive presentation of the life of René Lacoste. This extremely poetic animation features the life of the creator of the brand sporting the famous crocodile.

Portail VOD SFR

Portail VOD SFR
Graphic reengineering of the TV-VOD portal for SFR. The minimalist design focuses on content available via the portal.

CA Pocket

C.A. NMP CA Pocket
CA Pocket
Iphone and Android application developed for the Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées. The application provides access to many features including accessing accounts, transfers, credit simulation and news in the banking world.

Actiscope Commerce

Actiscope Actiscope Commerce
Actiscope Commerce
Monthly economic activity observatory for French Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The tool allows real time statistical reporting of economic data for a given area. Via the mobile application, retailers will be able to provide monthly financial reports.


Bourjois Bourjois
The online training platform for Bourjois customer advisers. Our mission: to produce a complete solution, from creation to execution for different countries (7 languages)

The Crew

Ubisoft The Crew
The Crew
The official website for the game The Crew by Ubisoft, the must-have car game due out on next-generation consoles. Our mission: to create/integrate the portal (HTML 5) and develop the 'Skin a Car' competition for live 3D car customization (Unity)


Digital communications agency specialising in the development of high value-added multimedia products.

SARL Septime
5 rue de la Penderie
12000 RODEZ - France
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